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Modular and Versatile High-Resolution 3D X-Ray Imaging - UniTOM

The UniTOM from TESCAN is a flexible high-resolution X-ray CT system which can be modified for precise applications to maximize image resolution and quality. Different setups are available from single source-detector configurations to more flexible systems with various X-ray sources and detectors.

The UniTOM is a versatile submicron X-ray micro-CT system which can attain real spatial resolutions down to 500 nm. The system is very flexible and can manage a broad range of sample types and sizes up to 30 cm in diameter and 50 cm in height. The UniTOM has a modular arrangement in which every new hardware components (for example, extra X-ray sources or detectors) can easily be incorporated in the system, which allows for future hardware upgrades or easy replacement of single parts, therefore extending the service life of the X-ray system.

User Benefits

  • Ability to carry out in-situ and 4D imaging
  • Modular configuration concept which can be upgraded or expanded
  • Submicron spatial resolutions (down to 0.5 µm)

Radiolarian high resolution XRE UniTOM CT

Radiolarian high resolution XRE UniTOM CT

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