Asylum Research Introduces New CoolerHeater Accessory for MFP-3D AFM

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) technology leader, Asylum Research, announced it is introducing a new CoolerHeater accessory designed for polymer and other studies where cooling and heating are required.

The CoolerHeater joins Asylum's growing suite of environmental control products for the MFP-3D AFM platform. The CoolerHeater uses a Peltier element to both cool samples down to -35°C and heat up to +120°C. The heating or cooling temperature and heating rate are easily and conveniently set using the AFM software and computer-controlled.

The CoolerHeater can be sealed for use in air or in a controlled gaseous environment. The heating element is also liquid tight and suitable for liquid drop experiments. This new product complements the MFP-3D PolyHeater™, a modular heating stage designed specifically for high-temperature studies from ambient to 300°C in a controlled gaseous environment.

These heating and cooling accessories are ideal for studying temperature-dependent phenomena like phase transitions and chemical reactions, as well as for investigating the dependence of mechanical, electrical, magnetic and thermal properties of materials on temperature.

Each kit includes a clamp and membrane for sealed operation and is exclusively for use with Asylum's MFP-3D AFMs. Temperature data can be logged and saved with each acquired AFM image. Descriptions of all environmental accessories for the MFP-3D are available under 'Products' at with links to data sheets on the individual products.

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