ITME Purchases Vistec’s Advanced Electron-Beam Lithography System

Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (ITME) based in Warsaw has bought the SB251, a variable shaped beam system from Vistec Electron Beam, a provider of electron-beam lithography systems.

The Vistec SB351 system

The Vistec SB251 will be utilized for research and fabrication of different types of diffractive and micro-optical elements, novel materials, and optical lithography masks. ITME is involved in the research, development and production of innovative devices, materials and components for use in optoelectronics, micromechanics, and electronics. The institute selected the system through a European tendering procedure.

The universal system is developed for both mask making and direct write exposures. It can handle and expose both transparent and non-transparent materials that are used in optics and semiconductor applications. It has an exposure platform featuring a stage travel range of 210x210 mm, an address grid of 1 nm, and a 50 kV electron optics. With these features, the system can perform lithography in less than 50 nm on different substrates from components up to 7" masks and 200 mm wafers.

The advanced electron-beam lithography system’s completely automated cassette-to-cassette substrate handling and graphical user interface features enable it to be used effectively in a versatile multiuser environment at organizations like ITME. Moreover, it has ePLACE, a data preparation software package.

According to Vistec Electron Beam’s General Manager, Wolfgang Dorl, the SB251 is versatile and reliable, making the system suitable for ITME to handle its present and future applications. ITME’s Director, Dr. Zygmunt Luczynski stated that the new Vistec SB251 is expected to play a major role in the research and development agenda of ITME.


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