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  • Article - 21 Jul 2006
    A nanocapsule is any nanoparticle having a shell and space where desired substances can be encapsulated.
  • News - 30 Aug 2008
    Certain explosives may soon get a little greener and a little more precise. LLNL researchers added unique green solvents (ionic liquids) to an explosive called TATB...
  • Article - 18 Sep 2018
    In fast developing area of technology, key developments are often hard to define however influential they are, in this article some of the key developments are touched on and why they are so important...
  • Article - 7 Dec 2012
    Nanotechnology has been heralded as a new industrial revolution - as in the 18th and 19th centuries, nanotech has the potential to bring about drastic changes in the agricultural industry. The...
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    AimSizer Scientific Ltd is a subsidiary company of HMK Test, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial instruments, equipments and machines. Our Mission AimSizer majors...
  • Equipment
    The AS-2011 Laser Particle Size Analyzer uses the Mie Scattering principle to accurately determine the particle size distribution from 0.1 to 500 µm.
  • Book
    The book examines the suitability of nanoscale zero-valent iron (ZVI) for degradation of agrochemicals for the purpose of developing a cost-effective treatment technology. It identifies by-products...