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    Empower Materials Inc. produces the QPACR line of carbon dioxide-based polymers used for improving manufacturing technologies. Empower Materials Inc. was founded in 1991 as PAC Polymers Inc. and...
  • Article - 1 Aug 2010
    QPAC® 40 polypropylene carbonate and QPAC® 25 polyethylene carbonate are used as organic binders in several nanoparticle related applications.
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    Xenocs is a supplier of x-ray scattering equipment (SAXS/WAXS) for characterizing the nanostructure and morphology of materials at the nanoscale. Such equipment is used for the research, development,...
  • News - 9 Apr 2009
    With a new member in the METROTOM® family, Carl Zeiss is once again setting standards in CT-based coordinate measuring technology: The new METROTOM 800 computer tomograph was specifically...
  • News - 1 Feb 2018
    An MIT team has just added an element of fun into microfluidics. The microfluidics domain involves miniature devices that precisely control fluids at submillimeter scales. Such devices classically...
  • Article - 21 Aug 2020
    X-ray scattering analysis (SAXs) can be used to analyze polymer nanocomposites, a high performance class of materials.
  • Article - 8 Mar 2018
    Empower Materials Inc. specializes in manufacturing the QPAC® line of carbon dioxide-based polymers used for enhancing manufacturing technologies and electronic applications for organic processing...
  • Article - 12 Nov 2013
    Optical metrology is the science and technology concerning measurements using light. These measurements may focus on the properties of light itself or other properties such as distance.