OSM-Z-100B Objective Scanning Mechanism from Queensgate Instruments

Queensgate’s latest Dual Sensor Technology is used by Queensgate to achieve superior dynamics and accuracy in microscope objective focusing. Sub-nanometre positioning is offered by the OSM over a total displacement of 100 µm with an unbeaten step and settle time of below 4ms.

The non-contact position measuring system, NanoSensors of the company offers excellent resolution, consistency and stability at nanometer level. Low off-axis errors as well as extremely high stiffness improve the performance of this sophisticated design. Several digital and analogue controllers are offered to drive the OSM-Z-100B including the newest NPC-A-1110DS analogue controller supporting patented Dual Sensor technology.

Key Features

The salient features of the OSM-Z-100B are:

  • The system is three times faster than the industry standard
    • Includes a less than 4ms small step and settle AND 100µm closed loop displacement
    • 600Hz resonance frequency
    • 20N/µm stiffness
  • Dual Sensor Technology equipped
    • No re-calibration between different loads
    • Superior mechanical bandwidth
  • Renowned Queensgate NanoSensors Positioning Performance
    • 0.1 nm position noise
    • 0.01% linearity
    • 0.005% residual hysteresis
  • Tool-free mounting adaptors
  • Super Invar Construction for Higher Focus Stability
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