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Nanopositioning systems are based on frictionless drive and guiding systems such as piezo actuators and flexures. These systems can achieve resolutions and guiding accuracies down to the sub-nanometer level.
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Featured Equipment
N-216 NEXLINE® high-load linear motors are ultra-precision nanopositioning actuators with travel ranges to 20 mm and push / pull forces to 600 N (130 lb). The operating principle is based on coordinated motion of a number of highly preloaded linear and shear piezo elements acting on a runner and does not involve rotation/linear conversion. The working principle is non-magnetic, vacuum & clean room compatible.
Other Equipment
The PI M-545 offers a lower profile and smaller footprint than conventional motorized translation stages. The compact PILine ultrasonic piezoelectric linear encoders and motors make obsolete both the lead screw duct and the bulky, flanged stepper motors of traditional stages.
The M-664 micropositioning systems from Physik-Instrumente are low-profile, high-accuracy translation stages with linear encoders. The M-664 stage is next-larger in the series of piezomotor-driven stages of which the M-663 is the smallest. For improved guiding accuracy, the M-664 uses two crossed roller bearings mounted on ground aluminum profiles. The integrated P-664 PILine® linear motor can generate forces up to 4 N and maximum closed-loop velocities to 400 mm/s over a 25 mm travel range.
Voice Coil Linear Positioning Stages are developed for a range of high velocity and short stroke applications.
The PIFOC features an objective scanning system for microscopy. It is optimized for large travel ranges and optimized for fast step-and-settle with step sizes to 3 µm.
The Digital Piezo Translator (DPT) is a piezoelectric translation device capable of moving up to 15ìm with very high linearity and essentially perfect repeatability. The hysteresis is less than a nanometer.
H2W Technologies has designed a low profile, enclosed positioning stage called Dual Rail (DR) stage.
The nPX series are rapid, compact, closed nanopositioners. Their compact design enables convenient integration in space-constrained applications that require accurate motion control.
The nPFocus series are closed-loop microscope objective nanopositioners, which belong to the nPoint Microscopy Product Line.
Dual sensor technology is a novel control technique that overcomes the restrictions of traditional PID controllers with fixed notch fillers enabling quicker step responses, increased stability against payload changes and a drastic improvement of the mechanical bandwidth of the system.
PInano microscope scanning stages are effectively used in optimized high-resolution microscopy techniques such as STED, NSOM and STORM. The low profile of 0.8 inches enables convenient integration and a large aperture for microscope slide holders and petri dishes.
The nPoint's LC.400 series controller is the latest DSP based digital control system providing closed-loop operation for up to three channels.
The Nano-View/M™ is a fully integrated positioning system for use with inverted optical microscopes. Easy to operate and affordable, the Nano-View/M™ combines a manual micrometer driven, two axis, linear motion stage with high resolution, long range nanopositioners - either ultra-low profile or ultra-high speed. A stable blocking force of 10 N built into each axis of the coarse positioning stage provides a secure base for precision nanopositioning. The nanopositioning systems built into the Nano-View/M™ have the lowest profiles available and provide sub-nanometer resolution under closed loop control.
The UPR-270 Air features best value for wobble and flatness and one can reach high accuracy because of high-precision air bearing.
Ratis is a family of plane-parallel piezo stages for nanopositioning and scanning developed by Nanoscan Technology. Ratis piezo stages are capable of moving the objects with sub-nanometer precision.
The NPXY10Z5-187 is a closed-loop XYZ nanopositioner with 10x10x5µm range of motion. It is fabricated from invar.
H2W Technologies offers a compact and open type positioning stage called SR stage. It is suitable for closed loop positioning applications where high acceleration and high speed of lighter loads are required.
The OSM Series represent the best performance available in microscope objective focussing devices. The OSM is positioned between the microscope turret and the objective, to provide positioning and scanning with sub-nanometer resolution.
The NPS-Z-15B is a piezo scanned flexure guided nanopositioning stage with integrated capacitance position sensors. It is capable of sub-nanometer resolution and reproducibility. It is ideal for use in scanning probe microscopy and interferometry, where purity of motion is important.
The newly designed stages of the series nanoSXY combine the high accuracy and the high speed of piezo positioning system with the a special actuating design for long travel motion. Further more the height of the stage is 20mm only with a free center space of 12.5mm! Outside dimensions are only 60x60mm. The stages can be equipped with a high resolution feed back system for closed loop control.
The nPBio Series includes closed-loop XYZ positioners specifically developed for easy integration with inverted optical microscopes.
The Nano-F Series are nanopositioner focusing elements with 100 or 200 microns of travel. Internal position sensors utilizing proprietary PicoQ™ technology provide absolute, repeatable position measurement and picometer accuracy under closed loop control. The Nano-F Series offer an alternative to microscope stage Z-axis motion or can be used to provide automated microscope thermal expansion compensation. It can be used as a standalone item or in conjunction with other Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems.
Limited angle torque motors available from H2W Technologies are capable of precise angular position, acceleration and velocity control when coupled to a rotary encoder and bearing system, or other feedback device.
The LPS-65 is a low profile linear stage using synchronized piezo stepping motor for high precision and load capacity. The cross roller bearing and big platform are ensuring a smooth and high accurate movement in the range of sub nanometer.
The LPS-24 from Physik Instrumente include a reference-class linear positioning system and features direct metrology with a linear encoder.
The NPS-XY-100A is a piezo scanned flexure guided nanopositioning stage with integrated capacitance position sensors. It is made of Super Invar and is capable of sub-nanometer resolution and reproducibility.
M-228 and M-229 series linear actuators provide a travel range of 10, resp. 25 mm, and are equipped with high-resolution stepper motors. The stepper mikes can push or pull loads up to 80 N, and provide speeds up to 5 mm/s. Models featuring gearhead/stepper motor combinations offer the same stroke in a more compact package.
The LPS-45 is a linear stage, low profile piezo positioning stage that uses a piezo stick slip motor for high precision and load capacity.
The new PInano Z low-profile piezo Z stages are optimized for very fast step and settle and easy integration into high-resolution microscope applications. They feature a very low profile of 0.8" (20 mm), a large aperture, and travel ranges of up to 200 µm with sub-nanometer closed-loop resolution-ideal for leading-edge microscopy and imaging applications.
nPoint offers closed-loop compact tip-tilt stage available in models with range of motion from 3mrad to 14mrad.
The PI M-545 XY microscope stages offer excellent stability due to a self-locking piezo motor. The high-stiffness design is ideal for fast piezo scanning stages. Manual, low-cost versions are also available.
H2W Technologies offers multi-axis solutions that are reliable, versatile and provide problem-solving approaches to designers’ applications.
Linear stepper motor available from H2W Technologies is a complete positioning stage equipped with the motor, positioning system and bearings all integrated in a compact package.
The XPS-Theta-Gamma-2A has been developed for applications requiring high speed positioning of mirrors in optical inspection and imaging systems. The mirror is simply fixed onto the tilting platform of the stage to provide > 2 milliradians of travel with sub micro-radian resolution.
The N-900C001 is a customized piezo motor linear actuator used for applications operating in strong magnetic fields, such as those of MRI systems. All materials and components employed in the actuator are non-magnetizable and non-magnetic.
The high-precision coarse/fine XYZ stages are computer-controllable, compact XYZ alignment and positioning systems that integrate the benefits of ultra-high-resolution piezo drives with the long travel range of motorized stages. Eight versions are available having stepper- and DC-motor coarse drives, and open- and closed-loop piezoelectric fine drives. A high-performance controller for automated XYZ photonic component alignment is also available.
The PI's smallest off-the-shelf Hexapod positioner for vacuum can handle loads up to 11 lbs. Each individual actuator has a positioning resolution of 40 nm,which is equivalent to a single axis of a traditional stack of six individual single-axis positioners.
The nPCube is a closed-loop XYZ nanopositioner with 100x100x 100µm range of motion. Its compact design allows easy integration in space-constrained applications that require precision motion control.
The new PI nano series nanopositioning stages feature a very low profile of 20 mm (0.8"), a large aperture and deliver highly accurate motion with sub-nanometer resolution in 2 and 3 axes.
The N-603 from Physik Instrumente includes a linear actuator for extreme ambient conditions on a single axis. It has a frictionless flexure-guided design and is directly driven.
The NPXY100-126 is a closed-loop XY nanopositioner with 100x100µm range of motion and very low out-of-plane motion.
The Nano-HS Series is a high speed, multi-axis, precision nanopositioning system with picometer positioning resolution. Offering maximum versatility, the Nano-HS can be configured to provide XY or XYZ motion. Internal position sensors utilizing proprietary PicoQ technology provide absolute, repeatable position measurement under closed loop control. The compact footprint, ultra-low noise characteristics, and a Z-axis resonant frequency of 5kHz make it ideal for metrology applications that require noise floors less than 10 picometers and/or high speed performance.
Imina Technologies offers Nanoprobing, a unique SEM accessory package developed for nanomanipulation and characterization of electrical devices and sophisticated materials at the nanometer scale.
The M-403 and M-404 linear translation stage series provide cost-effective solutions for precision positioning of loads up to 20 kg over travel ranges to 200 mm. They are designed with high-value components and feature a precision-machined, high-density, stress-relieved aluminum base for exceptional stability with minimum weight.
The NPZ300-221 is a closed-loop nanopositioner with 300µm range in the Z-axis. It has a low-profile and has been developed for easy integration with standard, large-range stages for inverted microscopes.
UHV Vacuum Nanopositioning Stage with 200mm positioning range and 20nm reproducibility.
The P-763 nanopositioning system features a precision class nanopositioning system with 2 axes and serial kinematics. It has frictionless flexure joints with mechanical lever motion amplifiers.
The N-470 features a linear screw-type actuator with PIShift piezo inertia drive for stable positioning and high inertia.
PI's ultra-low profile (14 mm / 0.6"), ultrasonic linear-motor-driven M-692 series of translation stages was designed for high-speed, high-stability positioning tasks with limited space. These stages are the lowest profile closed-loop linear motor equipped micropositioning systems in the industry. Based on PI’s proprietary PILine® ultrasonic ceramic motor technology (US Pat. No. 6,765,335) these stages provide velocity to 350 mm/sec, while holding a stable position with zero energy consumption when at rest.
This reference-class linear positioner comprises a self-clamping non-magnetic motor with sub-nanometer resolution. High-accuracy is offered by crossed roller bearings and a direct measuring high-precision, sub-nanometer resolution linear encoder.
The P-725KHDS from Physik Instrumente includes a PIFOC objective scanner on a single axis. It has a friction-less glexure-guided design and a capacitive position sensor for maximum linearity and stability.
The NPS-X-15A nanoposition system has been specifically designed for high speed, ultra precision MR head and disk drive testing.
The miBot™ BT-11 from Imina Technologies is the world’s smallest nanometer resolution manipulator available on the market.
A range of large-aperture closed-loop XYZ nanopositioners are manufactured are manufactured by nPoint and are available in a wide selection of configurations.
H2W Technologies has designed a 3 phase brushless linear motor that can be utilized at speeds up to 240 in/sec (6 m/sec).
This precision-class XY positioning stage features a high speed, self clamping linear motor that offers 3 to 10 times the stability of previous motorized positioning stages. The fast direct drive is suitable for high-throughput and high-speed positioning tasks.
Queensgate’s latest Dual Sensor Technology is used by Queensgate to achieve superior dynamics and accuracy in microscope objective focusing.
H2W Technologies offers a compact, open type linear stepper stage, which can be utilized in closed loop or open loop positioning applications where high speed and high accelerations of lighter loads are required.
Innovative miniaturized ceramic actuators offer excellent precision and performances in medical applications such as drug delivery, nano-dispensing and atomizing of medicines. The standard design is based on the diaphragm pump and valve principle, but valve-less techniques based on the peristaltic principle are also feasible.
P-915KLVS high-dynamics, vacuum compatible, high-load nanopositioner XYZ piezo scanner offers a very large clear aperture of 200 x 200 mm.
With two decades of Hexapod (Stewart Platform) design and manufacturing experience, PI electro-mechanical Hexapods and Piezo Hexapods are the most advanced multiaxis precision positioning systems in the world, providing significantly higher accuracy and resolution than hydraulically driven systems. The new M-810 miniature Hexapod combines all the advantages of PI's other proven parallel-kinematic systems in the smallest of packages.
Agar Scientific offers a complete range of nano tool systems that can be incorporated into most SEMs and FIBs available in the market.
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