P-725KHDS PIFOC® High Dynamics Objective Lens Scanner from Physik Instrumente

The P-725KHDS from Physik Instrumente includes a PIFOC objective scanner on a single axis. It has a friction-less glexure-guided design and a capacitive position sensor for maximum linearity and stability. It also has a QuickLock adapter for easy attachment.

The PICMA high-performance piezo drive features piezoceramic actuators with all-ceramic insulation. Longer lifetime, operating temperatures upto 80°C and humidity resistance are ensured.

Key Features

The key features of the P-725 KHDS are:

  • Travel range 400 µm
  • Resonant frequency 120 Hz, with 400 g load
  • Step-and-settle 20 ms, with 400 g load
  • QuickLock thread adapters up to
  • M 32

Application Fields

Application fields include the following:

  • Microscopy
  • Confocal microscopy
  • 3D imaging
  • Screening
  • Autofocus systems
  • Surface analysis
  • Ideal for multiphoton microscopy due to high dynamics at high loads
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