H-850K Parallel Kinematics Hexapod Precision Positioning System for Ultra-High Load from Physik Instrumente

The H-850 parallel kinematics hexapod precision positioning sysem is used for positioning high loads in six axes of freedom, special requirements have to be met by the positioning system. The H-850KHLC Hexapod aligns elements in vacuum environments with highest precision, the mechanical coupling is adapted to the vacuum chamber‘s characteristics.

Key Features

The key features of the H-850 hexapod precision positioning system are:

  • Vacuum compatible to 10-6 hPa
  • Six Degrees of Freedom
  • Drive: brushless DC motors with gearhead
  • Sophisticated controller using vector algorithms
  • Load capacity to 1500 kg
  • Travel ranges to 340 mm / 60°
  • Min. incremental motion < 1 µm
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