LPS-65 Precision Linear Piezo Positioning Stage from PI micos

The LPS-65 is a low profile linear stage using synchronized piezo stepping motor for high precision and load capacity. The cross roller bearing and big platform are ensuring a smooth and high accurate movement in the range of sub nanometer.

LPS-65 stages can be controlled with our E-861 piezo controller and an optional linear encoder offers nanometer repeatability. Vacuum compatible versions are available.

Key Features

The key features of the LPS-65 are:

  • Piezo driven stepping motor with subnanometer resolution
  • Travel range up to 52 mm (2")
  • Encoder resolution 0.5 nm
  • Integrated linear scale
  • Uni-directional repeatability down to 0.005 µm
  • Maximum speed 10 mm/sec
  • Load capacity up to 2 kg
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