M-811 Compact Vacuum Compatible Parallel-Kinematics 6-Axis Hexapod Stewart Platform

The PI's smallest off-the-shelf Hexapod positioner for vacuum can handle loads up to 11 lbs. Each individual actuator has a positioning resolution of 40 nm, which is equivalent to a single axis of a traditional stack of six individual single-axis positioners.

Salient Features

The salient features of 6-axis Hexapod Stewart platform are:

  • Miniature high-precision hexapod.
  • 6-axis positioning system with controller & software.
  • 11 lbs load capacity (5 kg).
  • 40 nm actuator resolution.
  • ±200 nm repeatability.
  • Velocity to 10 mm/second.
  • Diameter of 136 mm, Height: 114 mm.

Hexapod vs. Serial Kinematics Systems

The Hexapod possesses a single moving platform: this design provides higher stiffness and a large clear aperture. Due to the small movement, mass operations can be performed much faster than with conventional, stacked multi-axis systems.

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