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Multi-Functional Particle Design System – Hosokawa Micron Faculty

Multi-Functional Particle Design System – Hosokawa Micron Faculty

The Faculty multi-functional particle design system from Hosokawa Micron is provided with a bottom rotor used for applying mechanical impact force. The top part of the system is installed with a classifier. The mechanical force applied receives the fed particles. These particles are then classified as coarse and fine particles. The key functions of the system include spheronization, densification of bulk density, removal of fine dust, and separation of contents.

Key Features

The key features of the Hosokawa Faculty Particle Design System are:

  • It is easy to operate
  • Removes fine dust, separates the components, and spheronizes and increases the bulk density


The applications of the multi-functional particle design system are:

  • Densifies natural graphite
  • Removes starch, and unburnt carbon in fly ash
  • Polishes mannan
  • Recycles waste printed board, building waste material, etc.
  • Removal of whiskers of plastic

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