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Featured Equipment
The Nanosys500 system offers true UHV integrity combined with features critical to enable the user to explore full potential of nanoparticle deposition.
Other Equipment
The Eclipse™AF4 is used for challenging fractionation, sizing and separation tasks for naoparticles, macromolecules and colloids.
The Mechanofusion from Hosokawa Micron induces the fusion of two or more particulate materials.
Eclipse DUALTEC from Wyatt Technology has unprecedented sensitivity and flexibility, separating nanoparticles, polymers, biopolymers and proteins with high productivity.
Beneq offers FCS 500, a functional coating system designed for nanoparticle synthesis and coating production.
The Nanoshell nanoparticle source from Mantis Deposition is designed to aid in the production of core-shell nanoclusters. The core-shell structures play crucial role in the engineering of material properties on the nano scale.
The Nanocreator continuous nanoparticle production system is designed based on Hosokawa original build-up method.
The new Eclipse DUALTEC from Wyatt Technology is a high-end separation technology capable of performing perfect separation of nanoparticles and macromolecules such as proteins. By facilitating superior reproducibility and standardization, this instrument separates samples with very high productivity.
The Faculty from Hosokawa spheronizes and densifies particles, removes fine dust, and separates components in a powder.
The NanoGen sources produce nanoparticles by a "terminated gas condensation" method.