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TekNano-15 from Tekna Plasma Systems is an ideal laboratory equipment for synthesis of a wide range of nano materials. Tekna’s patented process is based on induction plasma technology allowing in-flight vaporization and rapid condensation of the precursor which can produce high quality nanopowder efficiently and economically.
TekNano nano particle production equipment from Tekna Plasma Systems produces nanopowders ranging from 50-200 nm spherical and high purity.
The Faculty from Hosokawa spheronizes and densifies particles, removes fine dust, and separates components in a powder.
Beneq offers FCS 500, a functional coating system designed for nanoparticle synthesis and coating production.
The Mechanofusion from Hosokawa Micron induces the fusion of two or more particulate materials.
The Nanocreator continuous nanoparticle production system is designed based on Hosokawa original build-up method.