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Park NX20 – Atomic Force Microscope for Large Samples and Failure Analysis

Park NX20 – Atomic Force Microscope for Large Samples and Failure Analysis

As a failure analysis engineer, results are expected. There is no room for error in data given by the instruments. Park NX20 with its reputation as the world’s most accurate large sample AFM is rated very highly in the hard disk and semiconductor industry for its data accuracy.

Key Features

Park NX20 has innovative features that help uncover the reasons behind device failure and develop more creative solutions. The key features of the Park NX20 are:

  • Its high precision provides high resolution data that helps focus on work, while its True Non-Contact mode scan keeps tips sharper and longer, so there is no need to waste as much time and money replacing them.

  • It is simple to use, even for entry level engineers. It has one of the most user friendly designs and automated interfaces in the industry, so there is no need to spend as much time and energy using the tool and supervising junior engineers with the system.

  • True Sample Topography without edge overshoot or piezo creep error
  • Accurate surface height recording, even during high-speed scanning
  • Industry leading forward and backward scan gap of less than 0.15%
  • Has a decoupled XY scanning system for 3D structure measurements
  • Minimized hysteresis and system drift using thermally matched components
  • Sample topography measured by industry leading low noise Z detector
  • 10 times or longer tip life during general purpose and defect imaging
  • Less tip wear from prolonged high-quality scans
  • Minimized sample damage or modification

Applications of Park NX20

The Park NX20 finds applications in:

  • Surface roughness measurements for media and substrates
  • Defect review imaging and analysis
  • High resolution electrical scan mode
  • Sidewall measurements for 3D structure study

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