Delivering Turnkey Equipment Solutions for Large-Scale Thin-Film Production Using Inline Deposition Systems

For more than 3 decades, Dynavac has offered turnkey equipment solutions for large-scale thin film production. Dynavac equipment is installed in manufacturing facilities around the world producing consistent results every year. Systems range from .75m to 2.5m plus and can be designed for flat or formed parts with significant depth.

Vacuum chambers have a modular design and offer flexibility in the manufacturing process and accommodate future upgrades. Equipment is designed, built, and tested in Dynavac's U.S. facility.

Key Features

The key features of inline deposition systems are:

  • Sputtering, evaporation, or PECVD processes
  • Integrated control systems for complete automation of production sequence
  • Global installation and startup support services
  • Wide range of pre and post-deposition processes
  • Load locks and automated transport systems
  • Robotic handling of substrates for loading and unloading
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