Spectrum-Pro from Dynavac - Process Monitoring for Thin-Film Deposition Systems

Dynavac's Spectrum-Pro Optical Monitoring System is an ideal tool for producing complicated, repeatable coatings with a high degree of accuracy.

By integrating its ability as a precision optical photometer with the strength of a quartz crystal deposition controller provides a new level in end-point detection of optical coatings. When integrated into a Dynavac control system, the Spectrum Pro provides a single user interface for complete process and system control.

Key Features

The key features of the optical monitoring system Spectrum-Pro are:

  • Easily integrated into existing coating systems
  • Capable of Reflectance, transmittance, or direct monitoring
  • Multiple options and upgrades available
  • Optics can be customized for virtually any wavelength or vacuum chamber configuration
  • Advanced optical endpoint detection permits full, fractional and absolute layer termination
  • Recipes can be downloaded directly from all major coating design packages
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