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Nanoindentation techniques are used to examine the mechanical properties of a material at the nanoscale. An AFM or SPM probe is used as both an indenter and to image the indentation. Knowing the load on the indenter/probe, the probe geometry and indentation depth, properties such as hardness and Young’s Modulus can be determined.
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Featured Equipment
The new NanoTest Vantage system from Micro Materials Ltd offers a range of mechanical tests on the nano-scale, allowing the researcher to build a complete picture of material performance. The nanotest Vantage can characterise you samples using numerous techniques including nanoindentation, nano-impact and fatigue, nano-scratch and wear and nano-fretting.
MFP Nanoindenter is a true instrumented indenter and is the first AFM-based indenter that does not use cantilevers as part of the indenting mechanism.
With the new NanoForce™, Bruker has combined the capabilities of AFM nanoscale characterization with nanomechanical testing. With a seamlessly integrated NanoLens™ AFM module, NanoForce™ makes available an unprecedented degree of characterization data in a single nanomechanical testing system.
Other Equipment
The PI 85 SEM PicoIndenter supplied by Hysitron is a depth-sensing indenter that delivers excellent performance in the electron microscope, with a conductive boron-doped diamond probe and a vacuum-compatible transducer.
The Table Top Nanoidentation Tester (TTX-NHT2) from Anton Paar is the most versatile nanoindenter from low loads (0.1mN) to high loads (500mN), from low depths (below 20nm) to high depths (above 100µm).
The Keysight Nano Indenter G200 is the world’s most accurate, flexible, and user-friendly instrument for nanoscale mechanical testing. Electromagnetic actuation allows it to achieve unparalleled dynamic range in force and displacement. The G200 Nano Indenter enables users to measure Young’s modulus and hardness in compliance with ISO 14577.
The nano-range high resolution nanoindenter from Anton Paar features ultra-low thermal drift, which is now offered with high vacuum or high temperature options.
The Micro Combi Tester integrates all the features of the Micro Indentation Tester and the Micro Scratch Tester from Anton Paar.
NANO Indenter XP systems provide a fast and reliable way to acquire mechanical data on the submicron scale. Incorporating the latest technologies for nanoindentation testing, NANO Indenter XP systems are complete test systems that feature a robust design to extend system life, the industry’s most powerful software, improved electronics, and a space-saving load frame. Through 23-bit electronics and very high data-sampling rates, NANO Indenter XP systems produce the most accurate data of any instrumented nanoindentation systems on the market. Each recorded data point is an average of 1000 separate measurements.
The Nano-Indentation Tester has been created to provide surface mechanical characterization data by indenting to depths at the nanometer-micron scales. This Nano-Indentation Tester can be utilized to characterize organic, inorganic, soft or hard materials and coatings. To illustrate some examples such as thin and multilayer PVD, CVD, PECVD, photoresists, paints, lacquers, and many other types of films and coatings.
The Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter is the next- generation nanomechanical test instrument providing industry- leading sensitivity and unprecedented performance. The TI 950 has been developed as an automated, high throughput instrument to support the numerous nanomechanical characterization techniques developed by Hysitron.
Anton Paar offers the High Temperature Nanoindentation Tester (HT-UNHT), which is a pioneer in high temperature, environmentally controlled indentation with several solutions up to 800°C and down to -150°C temperatures.
Hysitrons PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter is a complete depth-sensing indenter that can perform direct-observation nanomechanical testing in a transmission electron microscope (TEM).
The Micro Indentation Tester is ideal for measuring mechanical properties like the elastic modulus and hardness of thin hard coatings, bulk materials and thick soft coatings such as CVD and PVD hard coatings and ceramic surface layers.
The Keysight T150 Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is a state-of-the-art universal testing machine that offers researchers a superior means of nanomechanical characterization by utilizing a nanomechanical actuating transducer head to produce tensile force. The T150 enables researchers to understand dynamic properties of compliant fibers via the largest dynamic range in the industry and the best resolution on the market.
The Bioindenter (BHT) is an innovative novel device used for determining the local mechanical properties of biological samples. The device integrates the method of instrumented indentation (nanoindentation) with biologists’ demands for testing biological samples.
Hysitron PI 87 SEM PicoIndenter is a depth-sensing indenter that is specifically designed for a scanning electron microscope (SEM), with an electrically conductive probe and a vacuum-compatible transducer.
The Nano Indenter G300 utilizes a stage that supports samples with diameters up to 300 mm. An excellent long-term investment for industrial users, it provides a fast, reliable method for acquiring mechanical data on uncut silicon wafers. The G300 permits testing of multiple layers, facilitating product development and failure analysis which can have a significant effect on yield, performance and longevity to devices.
IBIS is a high performance nanoindentation system that features a robust construction, traceable calibration, and an unmatched 3 year warranty. IBIS builds on 20 years development at the CSIRO National Standards Laboratory in Sydney Australia. This new system has many significant features that set it above competitor products. It is made specifically for nanoindentation applications, including scratch testing.
Hysitron offers an advanced nanomechanical test instrument called TS 75 TriboScope.