Depth-Sensing PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter for Nanomechanical Testing by Hysitron

Depth-Sensing PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter for Nanomechanical Testing by Hysitron

Hysitron’s PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter is a complete depth-sensing indenter that can perform direct-observation nanomechanical testing in a transmission electron microscope (TEM).

This in-situ instrument is exclusively designed to address the various environmental and configurational challenges posed by transmission electron microscopes.

The new miniature transducer is the main enabling technology of the PI 95 TEM. With this transducer, in-situ force-displacement curves can be obtained in a precise depth-sensing manner, rather than depending on a complex series-loading, spring-deflection-force scheme.

Moreover, due to the electrostatic actuation aspect of the transducer, substantially larger forces can be realized without compromising on force sensitivity. Additionally, a newly developed digital controller controls the transducer and the piezoelectric actuator.

Key Features

The man features of the PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter are:

  • TEM holder fitted with a 3D piezoelectric actuator and a three-axis coarse positioner for fine positioning.
  • Patent-pending miniature transducer provides electrostatic actuation and capacitive displacement sensing.
  • Actively damped transducer when operating under closed-loop control.
  • Multiple operating modes including open-loop load control, closed-loop displacement control, and closed-loop force-balance control.
  • Sophisticated digital controller using a digital signal processor (DSP).
  • Easily interchangeable conductive probes.

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