Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) - Innova from Bruker

Superior AFM performance and versatility for research

The Innova atomic force microscope from Bruker provides high resolution imaging and a broad range of functionality for application flexibility at a moderate cost - ideal for research use in life sciences, materials, and physical studies.

The proprietary closed-loop scan delivers noise-levels that approach those of high-end, open-loop systems and offers a wide range of functionality for physical, materials, and life sciences, from sub-micron levels up to 90 microns.


Features of the bruker Innova SPM include:

  • Exclusive Whisper™ piezo scan technology delivers AFM performance and resolution second only to the Bruker MultiMode
  • Highest resolution optics deliver better data and accurate probe positioning
  • Fast tip exchange and superior sample access offer convenience and exceptional ease of use
  • Full range of SPM modes provides powerful research flexibility
  • Advanced signal access and routing capabilities for custom research
  • Now with Dark Lift™, which leverages Bruker's patented LiftMode capability, enabling you to distinguish between intrinsic electrical sample properties and photoelectric effects
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