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The surface area, which can be influenced by porosity is an important property of a material in some applications such as catalysis, sorbants, pharmaceuticals and nanomaterials. The ability to measure surface area is hence extremely important in comparing and and evaluating materials for these applications as it can influence their effectiveness and reactivity. The BET method is the most common one for measuring surface area of materials and involved measuring how much gas is adsorbed onto the surface of the material in question.
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The TriStar II PLUS surface area analyzer available from Micromeritics is an advanced three analysis port instrument specifically designed for use in research and quality control environments.
Based on the Acorn Area™, the Acorn Flow™ measures particle surface area of wetted dispersions, and enables the user to circulate the sample continuously from an external container via a peristaltic pump.
Micromeritics' Gemini VII 2390 Series of surface area analyzers rapidly and reliably produces accurate and repeatable surface area and porosity results. Their low cost, high speed, simplicity of use, reliability, and ruggedness have earned the Gemini a place in research and quality control laboratories worldwide Determines single- and multpoint BET and Langmuir surface areas, total pore volume, and micropore analysis by the t-method. Universal electrical input.
The Acorn Area is an innovative particle analyzer engineered to evaluate wetted particle surfaces dispersed in any type of liquid. This novel patented technique is based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and offers many advantages in comparison with conventional first generation particle analyzers.
The Tristar II 3020 provides high-quality surface area and porosity measurements on solid materials by using the technique of gas adsorption. The TriStar II is a fully automated, three-station analyzer capable of increasing the speed and efficiency of quality control analyses, with the accuracy, resolution, and data reduction to meet most research requirements.
Micromeritics' ASAP 2020 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry Analyzer uses the gas sorption technique to generate high-quality data for research and quality control applications. Available options include the micropore option, the high-vac option, and the chemisorption option, which uses the static volumetric technique to determine the percent metal dispersion, active metal surface area, size of active particles, and surface acidity of catalyst materials.
The 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer is a fully automated, three-station instrument, and consists of a transducer which can be used for upgrading each analysis station from mesopore to micropore for simultaneously analyzing the samples.
The ASAP 2460 Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer developed by Micromeritics features an advanced expandable system, which is specifically designed for high performance and high sample throughput.
Particulate Systems’ HPVA II Series of adsorption analyzers utilizes the static volumetric technique in order to achieve high-pressure desorption and adsorption isotherms.
The AccuPyc II 1340 Series Pycnometers are fast, fully automatic analyzers that provide high-speed, high-precision volume measurements and density calculations on a wide variety of powders, solids, and slurries. Using a gas displacement technique to measure volume, the AccuPyc II 1340 completes most sample analyses in less than three minutes.
The SA 3100 is a bench top BET surface area and pore size analyzer, which uses the static dosing method. This reference method uses helium to measure the sample tube free-space for highly accurate data. The unit has three vacuum out-gassing stations and one analysis port. It provides single and multipoint surface area analysis, multigas capability for surface area and full adsorption capability. User control is by an innovative touch screen. An optional SA-PREP™ Surface Area Outgas Station is designed for customers who need extra capacity.