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Dynamic light scattering is a technique in physics, which can be used to determine the size distribution profile of small particles in suspension or polymers in solution.
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With the stable, automated DynaPro™ Plate Reader II, users can have the flexibility to handle challenging applications with high levels of convenience, productivity and repeatability.
Wyatt Technology’s DynaPro NanoStar can analyze buffers, promiscuous inhibitors, protein solutions, or other products in solution.
Avid Nano's W130i dynamic light scattering system is a breakthrough, high sensitivity instrument for size and molecular weight measurement of proteins, bio-molecules and sub-micron particles. The W130i combines ultimate measurement performance with an economical benchtop footprint, rugged durability and supreme user convenience.
The Viscotek Triple Detector Array is sold as part of the Viscotek TDAmax system, or as a stand-alone module and incorporates RI, light scattering and viscosity detectors.
Cordouan Technologies offers VASCO Flex, a unique nanoparticle size analyzer designed for non contact and in situ measurements.
VASCO particle size analyzer available from Cordouan Technologies is a unique instrument designed for nano to micro (0.5 nm up to 6 µm) particle size measurements in suspensions.
The miniDAWN™ TREOS® Multi-Angle Light Scattering detector can measure molecular weight, size, and conformation of macromolecules in solution with a triple-angle light scattering detector.
Calypso Composition-Gradient Multi-Angle Light Scattering (CG-MALS) instrument from Wyatt Technology characterizes many different macromolecular interactions by using a string of un-fractionated samples of various concentration or composition.
The DAWN® HELEOS® II Multi-Angle Light Scattering detector is an advanced light scattering instrument designed for absolute characterization of proteins, conjugates, macromolecules, and nanoparticles.
The Viscotek SEC-MALS 20, a modular multi-angle light scattering detector from Malvern, can be used to calculate the absolute molecular weight of proteins and natural and synthetic polymers.
The Zetasizer Auto Plate Sampler automates Dynamic Light scattering measurements from samples in industry standard 96- or 384-well plates to add the power of advanced light scattering analysis to your laboratory. Automating the measurement procedure means that you can simply insert your plate of samples and press "start".
The Saturn DigiSizer II from Micromeritics is the first commercially available particle sizing instrument to employ the light scattering analysis technique that utilizes advanced digital detection technology to deliver exceptionally high levels of resolution, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.
Möbiuζ (Mobius) light scattering instrument from Wyatt Technology is the first-of-its-kind equipment capable of performing consistent, repeatable, and non-destructive electrophoretic mobility measurements of macromolecules down to 1nm in dilute solution conditions.
The Zetasizer µV adds the power of advanced light scattering techniques to your laboratory to improve accuracy, reliability and ease of use for the characterization of protein solutions.