DynaPro NanoStar Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Instrument for Nanoparticle and Macromolecular Analysis by Wyatt Technology

Wyatt Technology’s DynaPro NanoStar can analyze buffers, promiscuous inhibitors, protein solutions, or other products in solution. The new DLS instrument has more than double the signal-to-noise of its previous version. Low sample volume down to 1µL is possible, thanks to the exclusively designed cuvettes. Every major component is replaced in the NanoStar to make it a qualified member of Wyatt's portfolio of instruments and part of the user-friendly DYNAMICS® software.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the DynaPro NanoStar:

  • The presence of a TCP/IP interface allows for instant installation and operation of the new DLS instrument on a laboratory network from anywhere through an Internet connection.
  • Automatic attenuation over five orders of magnitude ensures that the NanoStar never goes out of range.
  • Features a double density correlator with 512 bins from 100nsec to 1 hour. The DD correlator has 32 bins in the first stage and 16 in the subsequent stages.
  • The integration of a dedicated Static Light Scattering detector enables the NanoStar to measure hydrodynamic radii as well as absolute molecular weights.
  • Single mode optical fiber technology becomes outdated due to the combination of air-launched laser and proprietary optics for higher sensitivity makes outdated.
  • Can be integrated into Wyatt's on-line multi-angle light scattering systems to improve resolution.
  • Temperature control systems can be adjusted for improved response time and have an overall temperature range of -15°C to +150°C.
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