DAWN® HELEOS® II Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector for HPLC/GPC from Wyatt Technology

The DAWN® HELEOS® II multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detector is compatible with most GPC, HPLC, FFF or FPLC separation systems in order to determine size, absolute molecular weight, and conformation of macromolecules and nanoparticles, in solution, without any reference to calibration standards.

The DAWN® HELEOS® II features excellent optical engineering, 18 detection angles, several optional add-ons thus offering a very high sensitivity, versatility and a range of measurement of any available MALS detector.

The HELEOS II functions along with the Optilab® T-rEX™ or 3rd-party refractive index detector as well as the ViscoStar® II differential viscometer. Further to the chromatography mode, the HELEOS II may be used along with the Calypso® II composition-gradient system for studying macromolecular/biomolecular interactions without immobilization or labeling, or in batch mode (off-line) for average solution molar mass and size using syringe injection, microcuvettes or scintillation vials.

Key Features

The key features of the DAWN® HELEOS® II Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector for HPLC/GPC are:

  • Sensitivity in SEC-MALS mode: 0.2µg BSA in PBS or comparable polystyrene in toluene
  • Range of molar mass: 200Da to 1GDa (may vary with molecular composition or solvent)
  • Range of rms radius Rg: 10nm to 500nm (up to 1000 nm with specific shape models)
  • Temperature ranges: ambient, -15°C to +150°C, and RT to +210°C models available
  • Optional integrated modules: WyattQELS™ dynamic light scattering detector for particle sizes from 0.3nm to 200 nm (Rh), and the COMET™ ultrasonic flow cell cleaner
  • Options available for: laser wavelengths, fluorescence filters and polarization filters
  • ASTRA® software provides a comprehensive set of analyses for macromolecules and nanoparticles
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