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Wyatt Technology

Wyatt Technology

Wyatt Technology Corporation
6300 Hollister Ave
Santa Barbara, California, 93117-3253
United States
PH: 1 (805) 681 9009
Fax: 1 (805) 681 0123
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Company Background

Quality at Wyatt Technology begins by listening attentively to their customers. Wyatt strive to make all customer contact a positive experience. Regardless of whether the customer issue is one of service, innovation or product quality, Wyatt's aim is to delight the customer. Wyatt set and maintain the highest standards for production consistency, while incorporating flexibility and innovation into each process. Seeking innovative ways to improve work habits and adopt the best practices.

Wyatt focuses on a number of specific industries:

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Academic
  • Government
  • Medical Devices


Within the last decade, Biotechnology has grown to become one of most active markets for Wyatt products. The DAWN family of instruments have been used to study a wide variety of protein-protein interactions, protein aggregation phenomena, stoichiometry of protein-protein complexes. Many Biotech products use the Wyatt instruments to characterize recombinant proteins such as clotting or growth factors, antibodies, or special polysaccharides used in ocular surgery like hyaluronic acid. Genentech and Amgen were among the first Wyatt customers in the biotech industry.


Wyatt Technology’s family of instruments has been serving the chemical and petrochemical industry for over 20 years. Our instruments were first used in the early eighties for general polymer characterization at such chemical companies at S.C. Johnson or Kodak. Later other world chemical companies like Goodyear began to rely on the Wyatt instrument to standardize world-wide characterization techniques for natural and synthetic rubbers and other chemicals. Still other companies as ExxonMobil and Chevron continue to utilize Wyatt’s leading-edge technology to study the molecular weights, sizes and branching properties of olefins, synthetic rubber, polyethylene, and synthetic lubricants, among many other petrochemical products.


Just as many world leading pharmaceutical companies strive to improve the quality of human life by developing novel drugs, Wyatt Technology has continued to strive to provide the pharmaceutical research scientists with the state-of-the-art light scattering and characterization tools. Wyatt has provided scientific tools to help such companies as Merck, American Home Products and other vaccine manufactures world-wide to characterize better its polysaccharide vaccine and protein products. These companies and many other pharmaceutical companies use Wyatt instruments in their R &D, Formulations, QC, and Manufacturing settings in compliance with FDA regulations.


Wyatt instruments are used for both teaching and research at the most prestigious academic centers in the world. Wyatt instruments are used by scores of Howard Hughes Medical investigators throughout the United States (e.g. at Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley) for their biochemistry and biophysics research projects, as well as in the Polymer Research labs like UMASS Amherst, Cambridge University, or the University of Southern Mississippi. Finally even small academic centers like Harvey Mudd College, the University of Northern Iowa, and the US Air Force Academy use Wyatt's instruments in their undergraduate teaching courses.


Wyatt instruments are used in scores of United States Government research labs. The Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, for example, uses the Wyatt family of instruments to develop a vaccine to protect soldiers against possible exposure to Pneumonic Plague on the battlefield. The USDA uses Wyatt's cutting edge technology to study value added agricultural commodities and bioproducts like food stabilizers or bacterial polyesters. And the FDA use MALS to study products submitted for FDA approval from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

Medical Device

Wyatt's cutting edge technology has assisted R & D scientists world-wide to characterize better the molecular properties of materials like polyurethanes that make up various implantable medical devices.

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