Eclipse® AF4 Field Flow Fraction Instrument by Wyatt

Using the asymmetric flow field flow fractionation technique, the Eclipse AF4 handles the most complicated fractionation, sizing, and separation tasks in the colloidal and macromolecular fields. Being a prominent separation method, the Eclipse AF4 is capable of separating colloidal and soluble components over a wide range of sizes. The instrument can also separate sensitive and "sticky" samples (no stationary phase). Albeit having comparable resolution to sedimentation equilibrium, the Eclipse AF4 can raise the bar due to its speed, flexibility and user friendliness.

Key Features

The following are key features of the Eclipse AF4:

  • Soluble and colloidal component separation over a broad size range with unprecedented resolution in the sub-micrometer range
  • Provides ultra-high resolution separations, and rapid analysis typically in the rage of 10-60min
  • Simplifies analysis through elimination of several laborious sample preparation steps
  • Highly effective in separation of complex samples due to its flexibility
  • Broad dynamic range from a few nanometers to a few micrometers
  • Direct injection with reduced sample preparation
  • It is possible to collect fractions for subsequent off-line analysis
  • Interfaces with modern analytical technologies such as MALS and MALDI-TOF
  • Fully automated, software controlled system equipped with only one pump for generating injection flow, cross flow and detector flow
  • Motor driven, software controlled needle valves for injection flow rate control and focus balance
  • One chassis consists of all required electronic and fluid components to be stacked with Wyatt Technology detectors
  • Continuous read-out of channel pressure, thanks to the proprietary pressure sensor that is free from dead volume
  • Cross flow and injection flow rate can be measured independently and continuously, thus enabling software controlled check on the system performance
  • LCD displays system status information
  • Optimized layout of fluid connections reduces tubing length and facilitates serviceability


The Eclipse AF4 is a valuable instrument for research and development in the following areas:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Molecular biology
  • Environmental analyses
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