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Vibration isolation systems are essential for high precision instruments such as scanning probe microscopes, atomic force microscopes, SEMs, TEMs etc. They are used to ensure samples remain stationary in relation to analytical tools such as AFM probes and are particularly useful when images are acquired by scanning or rastering.
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The BM-1 bench top vibration isolator available from Minus K Technology is a high capacity and cost-effective platform designed for weight loads of up to 1000 lb.
The WS-4 Compact Vibration Isolation Table is a cost effective vibration isolation table for weight loads up to 1000 lb. and 1/2 Hz performance vertical and horizontal.
The MK26 Series vibration control workstation available from Minus K Technology has been exclusively designed for ultra-low natural frequency applications.

Nano-K™ bench top systems offer the highest level of vibration isolation performance possible for Scanning Probe Microscopes (AFM and STM). Featuring a totally passive 1/2-Hz system, they outperform air systems by 10 to 100 times.

Minus K Technology offers BM-8 bench top vibration isolation platform, the thinnest and most portable isolator available in the market.
The FP-1 vibration isolation floor platform available from Minus K Technology has been specifically designed to separate low-frequency vibrations from scanning and transmission electron microscopes.
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