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An Optical profiler is designed to test and record the surface profile of a material. Monitoring both height variations and calculating surface roughness. Non Contact Optical profiling uses the wave properties of light to monitor the change in distance of the surface from the instrument probe, relative to a reference mirror.
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Featured Equipment
The Talysurf PGI Dimension is a metrology instrument that allows measurement of the 3D form of shallow and steep aspherical lenses and moulds from less than 2mm and up to 200mm diameter.
Other Equipment
150mm X-Y stages and a large coarse height adjustment to easily accommodate larger sample sizes.The ST400 also has an optional offset camera, with either manual or motorized zooms, to easily identify small features prior to measuring them. The Custom ST400, a more open configuration, allows for the addition of larger X-Y stages to measure even larger areas, a 360° rotational stage for measuring spherical or cylindrical parts and many other custom configurations. Works well for larger samples and larger scan areas. Available with various automation options. Ideal option for diverse and expanding measurement needs.
Zeta Instruments’ Zeta-360 optical profiler is designed specifically for PSS metrology and inspection applications. The instrument comprises of a wafer handler for 2, 3, 4 or 6-inch round wafers and has an automated production software for complete cassette inspection. It also consists of a built-in pre-aligner.
One can be assured of guaranteed results however quickly it need to be analyzed and whatever the component while using the revolutionary CCI MP-HS non-contact optical profiler.
The ZetaScan is a completely automated 300mm capable defect inspection tool that can study a large number of substrates including polished, unpolished, transparent, opaque, rough ground substrates and touch panels.
The CCI MP Benchtop 3D Optical Profiler from Taylor Hobson brings high performance optical measurements within the reach of both precision manufacturing and research companies.
The MicroXAM -100 3D surface profiler can measure fields of view from 100 X 100 microns to 2.0 X 2.0 millimeters (dependent on the objective lens used). The MicroXAM 100 optical interferometer quickly and accurately measures the 3D topography of surfaces at the nanometer level with a z-scan range of 250 microns (or up to 10 mm with Z-Stitching). With the new 3D image stitching capabilities, multiple images can be stitched together to produce an extended fields of view.
The Talyrond 585 from Taylor Hobson is a completely automated cylindricity/roundness instrument with excellent reliability and accuracy with six versions to choose from offering the right balance of automation and capacity for almost every application.
The Zeta-300 suface metrology tool provides integral acoustic isolation to reduce the effects of sound and air currents on sample measurements. When gathering data on structures that are less than 1µm high, even small vibrations caused by sound and air disturbances can affect your results. Coupled with an optional isolation table, the Zeta-300 delivers accuracy and repeatability unmatched by other optical profilers.
The Zeta-500 series profilers are completely automated metrology tools capable of examining 300mm wafers, that can cater to a number of applications such as roughness, bump height, film thickness, etch depth and wafer bow.
The new CCI HD Optical profiler with thin & thick film measurement capability merges world leading non-contact dimensional measurement capability with advanced thin and thick film technology.