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Many analytical and production processes involving nanomaterials need to be carried out under isolation or controlled environmental conditions. This can be either to protect the nanomaterials from exposure to water, oxygen, or contaminants, or to ensure the safety of operators when dealing with fine powders and potentially toxic materials.
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The HLF range of laminar flow cabinets supplied by Bigneat is suitable for procedures requiring clean air and is specifically designed to protect both operators and products.
Puricore Scientific offers Downflow Benches that are available in four standard sizes: 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm and 2000mm. The units enable laboratory workers to contain fumes at the work surface.
Aura next-generation cupboards available from PuriCore Scientific are designed to filter chemical fumes. The units provide a high level of operator protection with a flexible and environmentally sound method of fume and particulate containment.
The AireGard ES 114 Air Scrubber supplied by NuAire delivers ISO Class 7 or Class 8 air in a medical or clinical setting where infection status of occupants is a major concern, or in construction and renovation projects where air quality and microbes are a hazard.
In places where there is a need for ultra high containment levels for handling highly toxic or active chemicals, the range of isolators from Hosokawa offer total product integrity and operator safety.
Chemcap Clearview fume hoods and cabinets available from Fumair provide a low-cost solution for containing aerosols, chemical fumes, and/or particulates.
PuriCore Scientific offers a complete range of microbiological safety cabinets that provide excellent levels of operator protection and also ensure product protection where applicable. The bench-mounted systems are cost-effective and comply with the latest British and European standards.
Camlab’s high performance fume cupboards are utilized when the tasks discharge large amounts of heat, for example acid digestion or strong acids.