Measuring Surfaces with a Non-Contact Technique with the APM650™

ZYGO®’s APM650™ packaging metrology system is a new inspection tool designed for automated measurement of panel-based PCBs and other modern packaging applications. It offers 2D and 3D measurements for several surface features, with sub-nanometer vertical precision and sub-micron lateral precision.

Powerful Performance

At the core of the APM650™ system, Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) is the measurement technology.

This non-contact technique offers high-precision and high-value surface metrology benefits, including:

  • Sub-nanometer measurement precision is independent of field magnification
  • Measures nearly all types of surfaces; from rough to exremely smooth, such as thin films, steep slopes, and large steps
  • SureScan™ vibration tolerance technology - strong operation in almost any environment
  • Gage capable performance - outstanding precision and repeatability for highly challenging production applications
  • Mx™ software enables seamless data exchange with other ZYGO® Profilers, including Nexview™, ZeGage™, and NewView™ 8000

Trace - width, height, space, roughness

Via Hole - depth, top and bottom diameter, roughness

Via Recess - depth and height

Alignment Mark - offset DX, DY, TP

SRO Pad - depth, top and bottom diameter

Surface Roughness - Ra for all surfaces

Solder Bump - width, height, coplanarity, spacing

Maximize ROI

The APM650™ has a metrology area that can accommodate lateral dimensions up to 650 x 650 mm, which makes it capable of accommodating even the maximum sizes of PCB substrate panels presently available. It also guarantees that the system provides value for a high number of years.

Tailored sample holders and chucks are available to help adapt the system for smaller panels, or even singulated substrates, to boost application flexibility. The system’s integral recipe-driven automation software allows hands-free metrology of several features on each panel, all in one workstation. Furthermore, the software decreases production time and increases process knowledge.

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