Alpha300 A Integrated AFM System for High-resolution Sample Survey by WITec

WITec’s alpha300 A is a high-performance atomic force microscope (AFM) designed for life sciences, materials research, and nanotechnology. The instrument features an AFM system with a scientific grade optical microscope to provide excellent optical access and high-resolution sample survey.

The alpha300 A features a unique AFM objective that enables concurrent cantilever and sample observation, providing accurate and rapid cantilever positioning and alignment. The system is versatile and easy to use and can benefit a range of scientific endeavors.

Whether users are working in air or liquid environments, or with fragile and soft samples, the alpha300 A is suitable for examining topographic structures at the highest resolution. The system can be fitted with the Pulsed Force Mode for materials research imaging applications.

Key Features

The main features of the alpha300 A are:

  • User-friendly and versatile
  • High performance
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Special AFM objective enables concurrent cantilever and sample observation
  • Supports all standard AFM modes
  • Features dynamic position error correction, TrueScan
  • Suitable for materials research, life sciences, and nanotechnology.

Application Examples

AFM topography image of a fully developed sternal deposit from a woodlouse (P. scaber).

Magnetic Force Measurement of PC Hard Drive. The measurements were performed using AC mode technique with magnetic tips.

Digital Pulsed Force Mode image of fossilized bacteria. The image shows the different adhesion levels of the sample surface.

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