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CEA-Leti to Present New Findings on Silicon Nanowires at IEDM/IEEE 2010

CEA-Leti will present 10 papers, including two invited papers, at the IEDM/IEEE 2010 International Electron Devices Meeting Dec. 6-8, in San Francisco, Calif.

The two invited papers include an overview on FDSOI (the alternative to bulk technologies for 20nm nodes and below) and an overview of new-generation substrates enabling future devices in the More Moore and More Than Moore topics.

A paper on the latest results in the integration of the metallic dual gate on FDSOI technology, with UTBOX, clearly positions Leti on the sub-16nm CMOS technologies.

Leti will present two papers on memory, including one on the impact of N-doping in GeTe to boost the data-retention performances of phase-change memory (PCM), and an in-depth study on the role of defects in the Al2O3 blocking layer for charge-trapped memories.

Leti also will present findings of a futuristic study on the mobility of carriers in 10nm silicon nanowires for tomorrow’s CMOS (end of ITRS roadmap), and the latest results of its 3D through-silicon-via integration.

Two additional papers include results from Leti’s work on the reliability of oxide gate based on high-k dielectrics doped with Lanthanum, and CMOS ICs on SiGe on insulator and silicon constrain (co-integration into CMOS SRAM cell on FDSOI).


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