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  • Article - 7 Dec 2012
    Nanotechnology has been heralded as a new industrial revolution - as in the 18th and 19th centuries, nanotech has the potential to bring about drastic changes in the agricultural industry. The...
  • Article - 22 Aug 2012
    Personalized medicine is an approach to treating patients which is gaining popularity, particularly where conditions can very from patient to patient, like with cancer. Nanotechnology is a natural...
  • Article - 16 Jul 2012
    Nanosilver has been used to kill off bacteria for well over a hundred years. But do we understand its effects as well as we think?
  • Article - 2 Jul 2012
    Numerous nanotechnology-enhanced packaging products are starting to appear on the market. This article examines the ways in which packaging will improve as these technologies come into play, and the...
  • Article - 4 Mar 2010
    This article outlined how nanotechnology is being used for water purification. In particular it focuses on biofouling resistant silver-polysulfone composite membrane.
  • Article - 15 Feb 2022
    Researchers investigated how A. ipsilon responded to nano-forms of two novel insecticides, chlorantraniliprole and thiocyclam.