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  • Article - 15 Nov 2013
    Graphene has been the focal point for many research projects in recent years. It has proved to be one the most diverse materials known to man and recently a team of researchers from Northwestern...
  • Article - 3 Apr 2013
    This article discusses about the properties and applications of aluminum nitride nanoparticles.
  • Article - 31 Mar 2013
    Tungsten has the highest melting point of all the metallic elements. In its purest form, the hardness of tungsten exceeds that of many steels.
  • Article - 26 Mar 2013
    Copper is a Block D, Period 4 element. It is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. The morphology of copper nanoparticles is round, and they appear as a brown to black...
  • Article - 13 Dec 2012
    For years, there has been a growing demand for materials that are lightweight with high strength. Metal matrix nanocomposites are often better in these areas than pure metals or alloys, and CNTs are...
  • Article - 12 Sep 2012
    Construction is a massive global industry, with a very high environmental footprint. This article explores some of the ways in which nanotechnology is being used in the sustainable construction...
  • Article - 3 Sep 2012
    Transport fuels are one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases globally. Nanoadditives in the fuels could help improve efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.
  • Article - 3 May 2007
    As computer chips get smaller and smaller, they get faster and hotter. Research teams have turned to nanotechnology to help remove the heat from these chips. They have come up with a way of using...
  • Article - 2 Aug 2005
    Magnetic cobalt nanocrystals enhance MRAM by tripling damping and increasing field strength, enabling lower currents for stable systems.
  • Article - 17 May 2004
    Using an innovative nanotechnology, IBM scientists have demonstrated a data storage density of a trillion bits per square inch - 20 times higher than the densest magnetic storage currently available....

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