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Discovery DSC from TA Instruments

Discovery DSC from TA Instruments

The Discovery DSC represents the latest innovation from TA Instruments. Building on the Tzero® technology first pioneered in our Q Series™ instruments, the Discovery DSC introduces our innovative Diffusion-Bonded Sensor technology. This technology represents the future of temperature and heat flow measurements.

The Discovery DSC provides unmatched precision, accuracy, industry-leading sensitivity and resolution. The result is a Differential Scanning Calorimeter which improves every aspect of DSC performance - The Discovery DSC.

Diffusion bonding of metals is accomplished by placing two metal surfaces in contact at an elevated temperature and pressure. Over time, diffusion of the metals occurs at the atomic level, producing an intimate, continuous, high-quality bond.

In the Discovery DSC, chromel and constantan are diffusion-bonded to produce the perfect thermocouple. In the resultant transducer structure, the diffusion bond is positioned just below the sample surface, in the perfect position. The measurement is less sensitive to pan placement effects thereby maximizing repeatability. Unlike alternative designs which employ discreet sensor points, the Diffusion-Bonded Sensor represents a continuous thermosensitive surface, dramatically improving sensitivity of the temperature measurement while maintaining a very short time constant for excellent signal resolution.

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