Flash Diffusivity Systems from TA Instruments

TA Instruments offers a range of instruments for measuring thermal diffusivity over a wide temperature range (-150 to 2800°C). Modular architecture makes the Discovery Flash platform perhaps the most flexible system of its kind. It allows the addition of other furnaces at a later date to grow with changing needs, and includes the multiple specimen testing option for all models, pioneered by our predecessor company, Anter Corporation. This feature not only produces several times increase in productivity, but also makes the optional specific heat capacity measurement more reliable.

Discovery Flash System Configuration

Configure Your System by clicking on the modules or configurations to the left. Discovery Flash systems are configured by pairing a Source Module with an Environmental Module. The Source Module contains the energy pulse source, either a High Speed Xenon Discharge (HSXD) lamp or a laser, the data aquisition system, and the temperature control elements. The Environmental Module contains the furnace, specimen holder, indexing mechanism, and temperature detectors. Multiple combinations of Source Module and Environmental Modules are available to provide the most appropriate configuration, depending on the specimen, temperature range and budget. Our benchtop configurations can accommodate a range of Environmental Modules with changeover in minutes. Our free-standing DLF-2 laser source module is mobile and can be easily located near the environmental module in a cluster arrangement.

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