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Discovery TGA from TA Instruments

Discovery TGA from TA Instruments

The Discovery TGA features our industry-leading thermobalance, innovative IR-heated furnace, patented Hi-Res TGA™, and an autosampler unmatched in flexibility and reliability. The new Gas Delivery Module provides gas switching, and blending capabilities for the ultimate in atmospheric control. The Discovery User Interface simplifies interaction with the instrument, and provides for effortless control and monitoring of TGA experiments. The result is the ultimate in sensitivity, accuracy, resolution and temperature control... The DiscoveryTGA


Wide Heating Rate Range Improves Productivity

The IR-Furnace of the Discovery TGA is able to control over a wide range of linear rates, while maintaining quantitative accuracy in weight loss. The data in this figure show the analysis of the two-step decomposition of a polymer sample analyzed at three different heating rates. Even at the fastest rate of 500°C/min, the quantitative weight loss measurement is consistent. This allows for a 10X increase in productivity by running samples at elevated rates without any loss of accuracy.

High Sensitivity for Small Weight Loss

The baseline stability of the Discovery TGA allows for the ultimate in high-sensitivity measurements. The data in this figure shows the analysis of the decomposition of a 5.4 mg sample of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) doped with 10 µg of PVC. The inset view shows an expanded scale, where the first step of the PVC decomposition is clearly detected and quantified, even though the corresponding weight change is less than 6 micrograms!

High Resolution™ TGA

This figure compares the decomposition profile plots of a polyurethane material by standard and by Hi-Res™ TGA. The superior resolution provided by the Hi-Res™ technique is clearly evident in both the TGA and first derivative (DTG) signals. The latter signal is especially useful in defining the onset and end set of the individual weight loss segments, as well as indicating subtle events that provide a "fingerprint" of the sample.

Modulated TGA™

The figure to the right shows data from an MTGA™ kinetic study of the effect of temperature on the decomposition of 60 % ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) in a single analysis. The plot quantitatively shows the EVA decomposition profile and changes in activation energy as functions of temperature. The data supports a dual-step decomposition mechanism. MTGA can also monitor activation energy as a function of conversion, which indicates the mechanism involved.

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