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X’Pert³ MRD

The X’Pert³ MRD X-Ray diffractometer available from PANalytical has been developed to meet the needs of current materials research and development laboratories. The X’Pert³ MRD is the one of the most flexible systems available for X-ray diffraction studies and can be used in metrologic characterization in semiconductor process development as well as in sophisticated materials science and nanotechnology.

The X’Pert³ MRD is suitable for thin film analysis applications.

Key Features

The main features of X’Pert³ MRD are:

  • Can accommodate semiconductor wafers up to 200mm diameter
  • Can fully map wafers up to 100mm
  • Comes with a wide range of sample holders
  • Multiple samples can be mounted on the large sample platform
  • An extended version enables mounting of a high-resolution monochromator and an X-ray mirror, increasing the intensity of the incident beam
  • In-plane diffraction to measure diffraction from lattice planes perpendicular to the sample surface


The applications of X’Pert³ MRD are:

  • Reflectometry and thin film phase analysis
  • Rocking curve analysis and reciprocal space mapping
  • Residual stress and texture analysis

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