Epsilon 1 - Fully Integrated Energy Dispersive XRF Spectrometer

PANalytical’s Epsilon 1 is a fully integrated energy dispersive XRF (EDXRF) spectrometer meant for use in research and education. It provides unique pre-programmed XRF analysis ranging from fundamental element identification and quantification to highly advanced testing.

The Epsilon 1 can be used for numerous operations ranging from academic research laboratories through to college and university classes as it is a simple instrument to operate.


The key benefits of the Epsilon 1 are as follows:

  • Simple operation using touch screen
  • Broad range of excitation capabilities ranging from 10 to 50 kV for light and heavy elements
  • High sensitivity via smart excitation and detection technology
  • Well designed optical path
  • Highly sensitive SDD detector system
  • Flexibility with 100% data treatment and application set-up
  • X-ray safety assured
  • Improved by standardless analysis package
  • Global service network

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