Applying AFM to Electrical and Mechanical Measurements

JPK have launched the world’s most versatile atomic force microscope (AFM), the NanoWizard® 4a NanoScience AFM. This new NanoScience system offers much higher standards of technical performance, enabling new capabilities for users.

It has powerful, rapid scanning capabilities that can deliver images every three seconds, allowing users to track dynamic processes. Quantitative imaging with excellent high resolution can be performed using the unique QI™ mode.

JPK provides users with easy imaging and comes with additional modes and accessories, the largest number available for any AFM system. The NanoWizard® 4a NanoScience AFM provides unique solutions for electrical and mechanical sample characterization, offering flexible, modern research capabilities to meet the complex challenges that materials scientists encounter.

The system includes the powerful digital Vortis™ controller, which facilitates atomic resolution and rapid scanning capabilities on a single platform.

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Key Features

  • Rapid scanning up to 3 seconds/image for tracking of dynamic processes
  • Superior, high-resolution, quantitative imaging made simple through QI™ quantitative imaging mode, for highly complex AFM samples
  • Innovative solutions for electrical and mechanical characterization of samples
  • Extensive range of accessories and modes of any AFM
  • 100% flexibility with modular design for broadest range of applications

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