Real-Time, Atomic-Resolution Imaging with Optical Microscopy

The NanoWizard® AFM family is designed to offer immediate solutions for the advanced and complex queries of futuristic research.

The AFM family offers specialized solutions for soft matter and life sciences applications (BioScience version), nano-optics applications (NanoOptics version), or materials and polymer research (NanoScience version). The ultra speed version of the NanoWizard® has superior resolution and scan speed, enabling it to perform real-time monitoring of sample changes.

The improved low noise of scanner, position sensor and detection system facilitates scanning at speeds of greater than 300 Hz line rate with superior, true atomic resolution in closed-loop mode.

The innovative QI™ mode enables quantitative imaging with excellent high resolution and provides the user superior force sensitivity and control to enable handling of any delicate, brittle, sticky or soft sample.

The main features of the NanoWizard® systems are as follows:

  • True integration of AFM with optical microscopy via a patented DirectOverlay™ feature
  • For accurate and easy working
  • Large number of options and accessories is available

Free Guide: Make the Most of AFM and Simplify Data Analysis

The NanoWizard® family includes:

  • The Nanowizard® 4a NanoScience AFM - for materials and polymer research
  • The Nanowizard® 4a NanoOptics A System - for complex experiments which integrate AFM and optical spectroscopy
  • The Nanowizard® 4a BioScience AFM - for life sciences and soft matter experiments
  • The Nanowizard® ULTRA Speed A AFM - rapid-scanning, high-resolution AFM to allow the observation of samples in real-time

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