Studying Molecular Interactions in Real-time with Force Spectroscopy

The ForceRobot®300 from JPK Instruments is a fully automated force spectroscope that allows the real-time study of molecular interactions and is built to perfectly address all the demands of a cutting edge force spectroscopy experiment.

Using it overcomes the limitations of traditional force measurements. The automated setup and continuous adjustments provide high efficiency of data collection. Integration with optical techniques allows targeted measurements at the molecules of interest.

Download: Nanotechnology Meets Molecular Analytics

Key Features

  • Fully automated force spectroscope with highest flexibility > 80,000 curves per 24 hours
  • Cutting edge force spectroscopy and force mapping in combination with single molecule fluorescence
  • Advanced and dedicated software with ExperimentPlanner™, RampDesigner™ and built-in data batch processing
  • Temperature control 0 – 100 °C and software controlled eight channel fluidics
  • Integrates with inverted optical microscopes adding single molecule fluorescence
  • Ultra fast force mapping over areas up to 20x20 mm
  • Automated laser and detector alignment
  • Automated cantilever drift compensation

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