IM5000: Advanced Ion Milling System

The sophisticated IM5000Ar ion beam milling system from Hitachi makes customized cross-sections measuring up to 10 mm wide and enhances pre-polished surfaces of specimens that are usually complicated to prepare by conventional methods (polishing, grinding and cutting).

Processing Performance

  • Users can process custom width uniform cross-sections measuring up to a width of 10 mm
  • High milling speed by a single strong ion beam gun
  • Stable ion beam emission from sub-1 kV accelerating voltage supports fine surface polishing of sensitive materials
  • Final polishing, for example, for EBSD, with low angle milling (FlatMilling), or for contrasting by high angle milling (relief milling), in just a few minutes

IM5000: Advanced Ion Milling System

Image Credit: Hitachi High-Tech Europe

Easy Sample Handling

  • Thanks to ex-situ alignment of mask and cross-sectioning range the installation is easy and rapid
  • Load resin fitted samples up to 25 mm in height and 50 mm in diameter for final polishing
  • Milling position can be readjusted at all times without remounting the sample

Simple Operation

  • Easy maintenance and setup with a single ion beam gun
  • Multi-step processes can be programmed
  • Single button push available to initiate a process


  • Cryo cooling available for cross-sections on heat sensitive materials
  • Multi-position auto processing, recipe management, and workflow creation available
  • Oxidation sensitive specimen (such as LiB electrodes) can be handled without atmospheric contact
Hitachi ArBlade 5000 Broad Ion Beam System

Video Credit: Hitachi High-Tech Europe

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