Hitachi’s Thermionic Variable Pressure SEMs: The SU3800 and 3900

The SU3800 and SU3900 from Hitachi are powerful and versatile thermionic emitter variable pressure SEMs. The extra-large stage and chamber of the SU3900 make it best suited for the study of large, heavy, or multiple specimens.

Imaging Performance

  • Excellent low voltage performance to uncover additional fine structure
  • Quick and sensitive detectors simply offer surface detail, morphology, crystallography, and composition
  • Users can image wet or hydrated samples with the help of Hitachi’s patented ionic liquid or cold stage

High-Performance Microanalysis

  • Users can select from completely built-in EDS from Oxford Instruments or a flexible choice of WDS/EBSD/EDS from any manufacturer
  • Several ports are available for analytical detectors, single or multiple CL, WDS, EBSD, or EDS

Easily Handle and Navigate any Sample

  • Load samples measuring up to 130 mm in height and 300 mm in diameter with all five axes functional
  • Carry out dynamic experiments in-situ with tensile, cooling, heating, or probing sub-stages
  • Users never get lost: Simple and safe navigation on the sample using the color navigation camera

Advanced Automation

  • Analyze wide areas with image stitching
  • EM-Macro scripting or recording interface enables repetitive or complex processes to be automated
  • Automated particle analysis provided for fibers, inclusions, asbestos, and technical cleanliness

Future Proof

  • 3D surface metrology provided with depth/angle/roughness measurement
  • Combined cathodoluminescence (CL) for more information from pharmaceuticals, photonics, or minerals

(1) Pollen, low-vacuum SE, 1.5 kV; (2) Metal cross-section, BSE, 3 kV; (3) Copper minerals, low-vacuum, 5 kV.

(1) Pollen, low-vacuum SE, 1.5 kV; (2) Metal cross-section, BSE, 3 kV; (3) Copper minerals, low-vacuum, 5 kV. Image Credit: Hitachi High-Tech Europe

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