High Speed, Ultraprecise Nanopositioning System - NPS-X-15A

The NPS-X-15A nanoposition system has been specifically designed for high speed, ultra precision MR head and disk drive testing.

Its small size and millisecond response time make it ideal for applications where high reliability and throughput are essential. A low moving mass and high stiffness combine to offer extremely high bandwidth.

A new capacitive sensor design provides the sub-nanometer displacement measurement and closed-loop feedback over a range in excess of 16 microns. Flexure guidance offers high purity of motion, with parasitic motion reduced to less than 5 microradians. Combined with Queensgate's digital closed-loop controllers, the NPS-X-15A can achieve millisecond response and settle times.


Features of the NPS-X-15A nanoposition system include:

  • > 15 micrometer travel with sub-nanometer resolution
  • First resonant frequency > 3 KHz
  • Millisecond response time with a load of 50 g
  • In-situ scanning and stepping response optimization
  • Robust and reliable for production test
  • Plug and play facilities for low down-time


The NPS-X-15A nanoposition system can be used for:

  • MR head and disk drive testing
  • Interferometry

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