Microscope Objective Focussing Device - OSM-Z-100A

The OSM Series represent the best performance available in microscope objective focussing devices. The OSM is positioned between the microscope turret and the objective, to provide positioning and scanning with sub-nanometer resolution.

The use of capacitive position sensors and advanced flexure design, results in a highly linear device with outstanding resolution, repeatability, stiffness and stability at the nanometric level. Low off-axis errors and very high resonant frequency further enhance the performance of this advanced design.

A range of analogue and digital controllers are available to drive the OSM Series, including; NPS2110, NPS3000 Series and the NPS4000 Series. A variety of interfaces are available for command and analogue input.


Features of the OSM-Z-100A nanopositioning system include:

  • High Resonant Frequency
  • High Stiffness
  • Highly parallel motion with minimal off-axis deviation
  • Quick release thread adaptor for OSM to microscope and objective to OSM
  • Range of standard thread sizes (Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Zeiss, etc)
  • Capacitive position sensor feedback
  • Electrically conductive for electro-static sensitive applications
  • Objective loads up to 600g

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