Tilt-Tip Nanopositioning System - XPS-Theta-Gamma-2A

The XPS-Theta-Gamma-2A has been developed for applications requiring high speed positioning of mirrors in optical inspection and imaging systems. The mirror is simply fixed onto the tilting platform of the stage to provide > 2 milliradians of travel with sub microradian resolution.


Features of the XPS-Theta-Gamma-2A tilt-tip nanopositioning system include:

  • 2 milli-radians open loop range
  • Enclosed mechanism for high stability and reliability
  • High bandwidth
  • Simple flexure design for low cost/high volume applications


The XPS-Theta-Gamma-2A tilt-tip nanopositioning system can be used for such applications as:

  • Precision beam steering
  • Image jitter correction

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