Piezo Scanned Flexure Guided Stage with Capacitance Position Sensors - NPS-XY-100A

The NPS-XY-100A is a piezo scanned flexure guided nanopositioning stage with integrated capacitance position sensors. It is made of Super Invar and is capable of sub-nanometer resolution and reproducibility.

It is capable of sub-nanometer resolution and reproducibility. Finite element analysis of the flexure guidance mechanisms has reduced parasitic angular motions to less than 25 micro-radians over the full 100 micron range.

The Super Invar construction (CTE 0.3ppm K-1, c.f. Al at 23ppm K-1) of the NPS-XY-100A nanopositioning system minimizes thermal drift, which on a nanometer scale is very important. The unique isostatic mounting system ensures that stresses from the mounting system are properly relieved and establishes the center of the stage as the co-ordinate reference point.


The NPS-XY-100A nanopositioning system features:

  • > 100 micrometer travel in each axis with sub-nanometer resolution
  • < 0.005% hysteresis and linearity error
  • First resonant frequency > 350 Hz
  • High bandwidths (> 50 Hz) and fast response times
  • In-situ scanning and stepping response optimization
  • Use with NPS-Z-15A or NPS-Z-15H for XYZ options
  • Super Invar construction


The NPS-XY-100A nanopositioning system is suited use in:

  • High Precision Microscopy

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