Digital Piezo Translator - DPT-C-S

The Digital Piezo Translator (DPT) is a piezoelectric translation device capable of moving up to 15μm with very high linearity and essentially perfect repeatability. The hysteresis is less than a nanometer.

Ordinary piezoelectric translators are non-linear and exhibit hysteresis and creep. To overcome these deficiencies a position sensor is built into each DPT. The output of this sensor controls the voltage on the piezo stack removing the hysteresis, non-linearity and creep. Each DPT is supplied with a calibration curve which can serve as a basis to correct the very small residual non-linearity.

The position sensing circuitry and piezo drive amplifier have been miniaturized and packaged in the stand-alone CM Control Module, which requires only ± 15 V to operate. This makes the DPT particularly suitable for OEM applications. The Control Module comes complete with analog input, 14 bit parallel digital interface, status lines and ready signal.

To operate the DPT, the minimum required is a Control Module. For laboratory applications, up to three CM can be mounted in an AX301 host unit, which provides position display, optional IEEE488, RS232 and parallel interfaces, and allows manual control of the DPT.


Digital Piezo Translators DPT-C-S can be used for:

  • Scanning Probe Microscopy
  • Hard Disk Head Testing
  • NSOM
  • Precision Engineering

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