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Nanofiber production equipment is designed for production of fibers with diameter in submicron range (less than 500 nm), mainly in the form of a nanofiber web supported by a substrate material.
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Featured Equipment
Elmarco offers the Nanospider Air Conditioning (NS AC) product range, which is a collection of precision air conditioning peripherals exclusively designed to fulfill the needs of industrial nanofiber production and other similar production processes.
Other Equipment
Elmarco's Nanospider™ (NS) Production Line 4S1000U are the electrospinning equipment for low to medium volume production of nanofiber webs, in sufficient capacity for early stage manufacturing. Designed as standalone spinning unit, delivers high quality nanofibers without the cost of a full scale production line.
Elmarco's NS LAB is a laboratory electrospinning equipment for effective nanofiber membrane research and for experimental work.
Elmarco's Nanospider™ (NS) Production Line 8S1600U are the electrospinning equipment for the industrial production of organic nanofibers in our scalable line concept. Combining of up to four spinning units, NS Production Lines deliver high volume throughput for cost effective production.
Elmarco’s NS Production Line 500 is the smallest nanofiber production equipment that delivers sufficient output for small volume manufacturing. This standalone designed machine combines industrial production technology with features of high-end laboratory tool.