New Technology Reduces the Cost and Complexity of Calibrating Implantable Biosensors

Bio-Nano Sensium Technologies, a subsidiary of Advance Nanotech, Inc., today announced a new patent application that will reduce the cost and complexity of programming wireless biosensors. Wireless biosensors are increasingly seen as a desirable treatment for a range of chronic conditions including diabetes, cardiac conditions and asthma.

Bio-Nano Sensium Technologies has developed a simplified, more effective method for the calibration of wireless biosensors. Calibration is the procedure that ensures the accuracy of a sensor's data output. All biosensors must be initially calibrated when they are implanted or applied to the skin, and periodically afterwards, to correct the tendency for output to "drift" over time.

Traditionally, sensor calibration was conducted offline, using an external process that was expensive and time consuming. Bio-Nano Sensium's new process enables automatic biosensor calibration immediately upon insertion, eliminating the expense and inconvenience of offline calibration procedures. Bio-Nano Sensium Technologies is a joint venture between Advance Nanotech, Inc. and Toumaz Technology Ltd., a UK-based developer of advanced RF, analog and mixed signal semiconductors.

"Bio-Nano Sensium Technologies is advancing science, and clearing the way for truly personalized medical treatment of patients suffering from chronic illness," said Stephanie Interbartolo, SVP of Business Development of Advance Nanotech. "Advance Nanotech is very pleased with the progress that the company has made in continuing to push the boundaries of medical science."

This latest patent is the second filed by Bio-Nano Sensium in the past year in its own name with a plan to file additional patents by the year's end. In May, the company filed a patent for a technology that automatically brings imbedded biosensors into conformance with international frequency and operating requirements. Bio-Nano Sensium also has exclusive access to Toumaz Technology's patent portfolio in the bio-nano field. The increasing number of patents reflects the company's rapid progress in its scientific discovery process toward offering the market's most advanced wireless biosensors.

"Biosensors are increasingly seen as medically desirable for the control and effective treatment of a range of chronic conditions. Easing the patient experience, and improving the functionality and reducing the cost of these devices are critical to ensuring their widespread success," said Keith Errey, CEO of Toumaz Technology. "We have worked diligently over the past four years to make the commercial application of biosensors a reality. This patent is significant step forward in achieving that goal."

Posted on 31 May 2005.

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